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Bindi is a true Aussie success story… it began in 2013 as Belinda Dennis realised a need for something better in the sports nutrition market. In Belinda’s case, it was the availability of good quality, natural, healthy, Australian-made sports nutrition products that could support her passion for triathlon.

At the time, she was a veterinarian working in small animal practice in Busselton. She had always kept fit and played a lot of sport, but after having her three children, started competing more seriously in triathlons.

The only sports nutrition products she could find on the market that suited her requirements needed to be imported from the US. The idea to start a business here in WA was formed.

Belinda used her background in science to develop formulas for a Natural Sports Hydration drink containing a specific range of electrolytes, with low sugar (30% less than many other products on the market), with plant-based flavouring and no artificial colours, sweeteners or preservatives. She was interested in creating products appropriate to sports in the Australian climate, and that are absorbed quickly and, in turn, gentle on an athlete’s gut during intense endurance events.

A vegetarian, she also wanted to make products that were high in protein too. From there she developed vegan protein powders for recovery, using Organic Pea Protein which are also easy to digest.

She also released her Super Greens range, which she says is a “perfect daily supplement for when you have a lot on your plate -like trying to train as well as manage work, kids and family.” The latest release is a Low-Calorie Hydrator made from coconut water, which is perfect to rehydrate you post-training or during every day activities.

Bindi has recorded strong growth and importantly become a trusted go-to business for sports nutrition needs, now fielding orders from right across the country. Bindi products are known for their outstanding taste and performance and are rapidly becoming Australia’s favourite nutrition products.  Belinda credits the success of the business to date with the strong support she’s received from the local community’s swimming, running and cycling groups. Those groups have continued to provide advice and feedback which has helped perfect the Bindi range.



Clean water changes everything.

Clean water means education, income, and health — especially for women and kids. Yet 1 in 10 people worldwide still lack access to it.
At Bindi, we believe we can make a difference to people’s lives by supporting Charity Water. They’re on a mission to bring clean and safe water to every person on the planet, something we are so lucky to have here in Australia.
We send a donation to Charity Water every month so people in need can have access to clean water.

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