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70.3 World Championships Fever

It’s happening people; the official countdown to the Ironman 70.3 World Championships has started!

Running over the weekend of September 1 & 2 this iconic, globally-rotating event promises to be a corker. It’s the first time the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship event will run on the African Content, and we can’t wait to see footage of the beautiful course.

With a swim start located in the stunning Nelson Mandela Bay in South Africa, and a bike and a run course designed to showcase the natural beauty of the landscape, we will be cheering loudly here at Bindi HQ for the many local WA and Australian athletes proudly representing their country.

For many triathletes, this event is the culmination of months and even years of training, and we guess that their current excitement levels are off the charts.

As with any race, I’m sure you’re all doubting yourselves – Did I do enough? Did the pool speedwork help? Am I pushing enough watts on the bike? Will the heat affect me on the run? Should I squeeze in one more session? …argh!

Let’s face it; often we are our own worst enemies. My coach tells me to “trust the process.”

Think back over the winter and remember all the cold, dark, wet mornings you made that choice to get up out of bed and do your set. All those times you hit the pool, arriving in 15 layers of clothing, Ugg boots and socks because it was only 2 degrees. Think of all the times you ran in the rain, feeling the cold water trickle down your back as your feet splashed through muddy puddles.

You’ve done the hard work. You’ve got this. Relax. Enjoy this next bit.

Um, er, except also, let’s talk about the plane trip to South Africa. It’s time to focus on travelling safely. Aeroplanes are the perfect environment to catch a cold, but with a little planning, you can do your best to arrive well-hydrated and well-fuelled.

Planning is critical (and also #mylife cos, I’m a mum and pretty time-poor) so make sure you have lots of snacks and fuel to keep you going.

Decide what food you need to eat over the travel period, and plan accordingly.

I find small single serve sachets of Bindi Natural Sports Hydration work well – bring a couple of empty bidons on the plane, then ask the steward to fill them up once you have taken off. Pour in the Bindi and sip away.

Trail mix is great to snack on, along with fresh fruit and cut up vegetables.

Take a small bottle of hand sanitiser and regularly use to keep germs at bay, and do your best to avoid coughing and spluttering passengers (I know it’s hard).

Most of all? Enjoy the experience! There is nothing like the excitement of a World Championship event. The atmosphere is electric; everyone is super friendly and well? It’s just amazing.

Good luck to all the Bindi athletes competing – go get ‘em!

And remind your loved ones and supporters to tag them on Instagram #bindicrew #bindiwc18 #fuelledbybindi