weight loss
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3 Smart strategies to avoid the Christmas bulge

“Christmas is always the time when the ‘watch your waistline’ tips come out… which can be a bit gloomy. I love Christmas and all the associated festivities, and like to stick to a few easy strategies to keep everything in moderation” – Simone Allen, Sports Dietitian

Tip #1 Fill half your plate with vegetables or salad

Simone says these will provide fibre-filling, low kilojoule goodness. Aim for more of the green salad, asian style salads, stir-fry, roasted veg, or  baked potato. Less of the coleslaw, caesar salad or anything with a creamy dressing or drowning in oil.

Tip #2 Pick your battles

If there is a variety of platters floating around, wait it out for the sushi, rice paper rolls, fruit kebabs, turkish bread, veggie sticks with tzatziki/ hummus, or chicken skewers. If your waiting is in vain then aim to limit the pastries. Throw a packet of roasted chickpeas, trail mix or raw nuts in your bag  to graze on if there are no healthy options.

Tip #3 Don’t drink your kilojoules

Remember, there are 7 ½  standard drinks to an average bottle of wine. Not four. SEVEN. So if you pour 4 glasses to a bottle just remember this is two standard drinks at a time.

And a final word from the Bindi team… our favourite strategy is to keep hydrated (surprise!).  Try having a drink of water or a hydrator before you start snacking, and don’t forget to use Bindi after you’ve had a few drinks (one as you arrive home and one by the bed seems to be the magic formula!)

Merry Christmas to all our Bindi family – we think you are amazing and we can’t wait to fuel your dreams in 2018.

Belinda, Anne & Elle x

Special thanks to Simone Allen of @nutritionworks.wa