General Questions

Bindi was created in Busselton, Western Australia by Belinda Dennis - a veterinarian, mum and triathlete who saw the need for healthy, natural sports nutrition in the Australian market. To read the full Bindi story, CLICK HERE
Of course! This is why our Get Me Started Packs are so popular - so you can decide which will be your favourite flavour. CLICK HERE to order yours now.
The most common feedback from customers who have started using Bindi is that the flavours are so much better; they have even energy throughout the day; and they avoid gut issues they have had in the past with other products. CLICK HERE if you would like a sample pack to test them out for yourself.
Absolutely. If you are doing any kind of exercise for an hour or more then Bindi will help your performance. If you are exercising or shorter duration or at lower intensity then our low calorie hydrator is ideal for you.
Yes. Try diluting Bindi to half strength for kids. Some good tips for dental health in kids (and all of us) is to rinse your mouth out with water after using Bindi and also brushing teeth regularly.
No. We believe that your body has enough work to do without processing these chemicals as well.

Postage and Ordering

All orders over $110 are FREE POSTAGE Australia wide, and we post them within one business day of your order. You can also choose an express post option if you need your products quickly.
We post all our orders within the next working day of receiving it. We are based in Busselton WA, so if you are in WA you can expect your order within 2-5 days. For all other states, you should have your order within 5-8 days.
Email us at sales@bindinutrition.com.au if you would like us to post your order internationally.
We have several stockists throughout Australia, CLICK HERE for a full list of where to buy.


Bindi natural sports hydration has a combination of carbohydrate sources: maltodextrin (easy to digest and metabolised slowly) and fructose (fruit sugar which is absorbed quickly). This combination of carbohydrates is proven to increase performance by 55% in athletes.
Bindi replaces all the important electrolytes you sweat out: sodium (at higher levels than most sports drinks), potassium and magnesium (to support muscle function). Having enough sodium will replace your losses, drive hydration (it actually helps you absorb fluid) and help you retain and distribute fluid adequately.
Bindi is different for many reasons: It has combined carbohydrates which are proven to improve your performance, and is easy to digest which means you will have all day energy without gut issues. We have included the ideal electrolytes for Australian conditions and it also has 30% less sugar than major sports drinks. Athletes just love our natural flavours and the fact that Bindi is Australian made and owned.
Fructose is very well proven in sports science to increase your time to fatigue (i.e. “hitting the wall”) when combined with maltodextrin. So when formulating Bindi we chose to use the ingredients that are best proven to boost your performance. If you are unable to tolerate fructose then a low calorie hydrator will provide electrolytes and hydration and you can add the carbohydrate source of your choice to that.
One serve of Bindi provides 27g of carbs. This is when 2 scoops of Bindi are mixed with 500ml water. This will give a carbohydrate percentage of 5.4% which is low enough to avoid gut distress which can occur with some sports drinks.
We recommend one serve of Bindi per hour of intense exercise. This will give 500ml fluid and 27g of carbohydrates. You may need roughly 750ml of fluid and 30-90g of carbohydrates per hour, so we recommend adding extra carbohydrate sources and water for big training sessions and races (try a banana, vegemite sandwich, energy bar or gel).
Start by adding room temperature water to your bottle, then add 2 scoops of Bindi and mix vigorously. You can refrigerate or even freeze Bindi after mixing. Avoid mixing Bindi in cold water or putting the powder your bottle first.
Absolutely. Bindi has 76mg of sodium per 100ml, which is higher than many sports drinks. This will help drive hydration, replace your salt losses and minimise gut distress. Some sports dieticians will still recommend the addition of salt tablets, so if you’re not sure we recommend getting sweat testing done.
Cramping is multifactorial and can occur with muscle overload, fatigue and loss of electrolytes in sweat. Using Bindi natural sports hydration particularly prior to sessions will ensure your muscles have enough energy and electrolytes to function well, however bear in mind that high intensity exercise and fatigue can also result in cramping.
Yep. Try freezing half a bottle the night before a hot training day and then top up with room temperature Bindi right before you train. Very refreshing on those tough days.
For sure! Make it up with room temperature water and then refrigerate or freeze depending on how hot your day will be.
Once you get back from a training session or race, any Bindi should be used immediately or thrown away. Don’t try and save it for another day.
Bindi has 30% less sugar than many of the big name sports drinks because of the combination of carbohydrate sources (maltodextrin and fructose). This makes Bindi a great option for a lower sugar sports drink.
Yes, Bindi is gluten, dairy and nut free.
Beetroot! We only use natural colours and beetroot powder gives the pink for our berry and watermelon flavours.


Most people will get enough protein in their diet, but if you get the timing and type of protein right you can really boost your recovery. Your body has a neat little recovery window for up to an hour after an exercise, so using protein in this window will kick-start lean muscle development. This will initiate recovery from the exercise induced trauma to your muscles and prepare you for the next session. Science show the best recovery fuel is carbs and protein in a ratio of 4:1 to minimize muscle breakdown, replace glycogen stores and support the immune system.
It’s really important that protein is easy to digest, will keep you feeling full for a long time and doesn’t create any inflammation in the body. Organic Pea Protein ticks all these boxes as well as being very easy to mix will water or various milks. Plenty of proteins will have added ingredients and incredible nutritional claims, however these ingredients don’t necessarily produce the most important results which is to kick start lean muscle development and recovery. Don’t be fooled by the hype and a long list of ingredients of some protein powders.
Using any type of protein in your recovery window will kick start your recovery.  However the benefits of using a plant based protein are clear:
  • they are easier to digest;
  • they cause less gastrointestinal issues;
  • will keep you feeling fuller for longer;
  • they are less likely to cause inflammation in the body.
Add the fact that whey proteins have shown to play a potential role in the development of some cancers and also some people aren’t able to tolerate dairy foods and the plant based protein choice was simple for Bindi.


Supergreens are the icing on your energy cake! You may eat well, train hard, recover well but find all of that plus work and family and friends can get very tiring. It’s also very challenging for your immune system to keep up. Supergreens are like a supercharged multivitamin, they include antioxidants for immune support and will help you handle stress, illness, fatigue and a heavy training load much better.
Supergreens are definitely an everyday supplement to your diet. Add it to water a juice or smoothie each day to support your immune system and fight stress and fatigue. Try adding it to beetroot juice for an extra burst of nitrates to increase your performance.

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