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At Bindi, we’re adamant that sports nutrition can be healthy AND tasty too. Our products will enhance your performance without the sickly-sweet taste and tummy upsets of the past.
“You can have it all – performance, taste and health – all in one Australian made brand.”
-Belinda, Triathlete and Founder of Bindi Nutrition
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5 Hydration Tips for Your Best Performance

By Bindi’s founder (and triathlete and scientist) Belinda Dennis

Even mild dehydration can decrease your physical and mental performance, both in sport and in life. These essential tips will ensure you are perfectly hydrated, so you gain the most out of every training session:
  • Start every training session hydrated: This is vital! If you start out even mildly dehydrated, you will increase the risk of injury, illness and won’t perform at your best.
  • Drink water for training sessions less than one hour: For a short or easy training session, just consuming water is perfectly adequate for hydration.
  • Add a sports drink for longer or more intense sessions: Aim for 500-750ml of fluid per hour of Bindi Natural Sports Hydration, which gives you carbohydrates, fluids and electrolytes needed to sustain your energy.
  • Replenish fluids in the recovery period: Now is the time to replace fluids and electrolytes lost in your sweat. It’s also vital to replenish muscle glycogen stores with carbohydrates and also kickstart lean muscle development with good quality protein.
  • Hydrate throughout your day: It’s essential to drink plenty of water throughout the day in addition to your training fluids – aim for another 2L water and pale straw-coloured urine at all times.


We are passionate about the way we fuel you...


We believe you don’t need any rubbish while you’re exercising, so all our products are free of artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.


We are an Australian owned family company, and we manufacture all our products right here in Australia so we can ensure they are as safe and clean as possible.


Your nutrition must taste good right?! Whether you’re a Zesty Lemon & Lime fan, or Juicy Berry and Melon Mojo sound more like your jam, you’ll be sure to find a favourite in our natural range.


Our number one priority is your performance. Our custom Bindi formula is THE best proven combination of carbs to enhance your performance and we can stand by it 100%

Easy to absorb

This is the biggest single complaint we hear from athletes; upset tummies on race day which blows off the perfect race. That’s why our formula was carefully crafted to be easy on your gut which means it’s absorbed quickly and working hard to hydrate you ASAP.

Lower sugar

We’re all out there to exercise and taking care of our health… right? Well, plenty of sports drinks are still super high in sugar which is old fashioned and simply unnecessary. We formulated Bindi with 30% less sugar and it is free from artificial sweeteners too.

Bindi Crew

Our athletes and our Bindi team have a certain natural feel about them – they’re a healthy, hardworking Aussie bunch who love to perform at their best in all facets of life. Chances are they’ll be up for a chat at an event and will always be cheering you on. Or beating you to the finish line with a smile and a high five 😉

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Bindi is the childhood nickname for Belinda, the creator and director of Bindi Nutrition. The brand is intrinsically linked to Belinda as it was derived from her passion for health, nutrition and triathlon.

As a brand, Bindi now symbolizes health, wellness and an active lifestyle. It has come to represent wholesome, clean and energetic athletes who identify with the thriving #bindicrew culture. Belinda was working as a Veterinarian in small animal practice in Busselton, and after having her three children, she began to compete more seriously in triathlons and quickly moved into the elite level of Ironman racing, which demanded high quality nutrition to support her training.

The only sports nutrition products she could find on the market that suited her healthy requirements needed to be imported from the US which she found incredibly frustrating.

Why was no-one in Australia developing healthy nutrition to support the rapidly expanding national interest in triathlon and endurance sports?The idea to start a business here in Australia was formed to address this gap in the natural sports nutrition market.

Using her Science degree, Belinda developed a unique formula for Bindi Natural Sports Hydration Powder. It was imperative that Bindi products were appropriate to athletes’ needs as they competed in the challenging Australian climate, which required that they not only enhanced performance, but were tasty and easy to absorb quickly and, in turn, were gentle on an athlete’s gut during intense endurance events. And so, Bindi Nutrition was born.

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