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Nathan Groch


Nathan is a driven and ambitious triathlete who hails from in Albury, NSW, but currently lives and trains in Port Hedland, WA.

How did you get started in the sport of triathlon?

A close mate and work colleague Shane introduced me to Triathlon while living in San Jose, USA in 2007. He gave me my first road bike when I returned from travelling and moved to Port Hedland in 2012. I raced a few smaller sprint distance races for fun and to keep fit. I really got involved after having a shoulder reconstruction at the end of 2013. To stay motivated throughout the recovery I was challenged by Shane to race Ironman WA which was a just over 12 months after the surgery. I fell in love with the sport from then on.


What are some of your results and racing highlights so far?


WA Country Waterpolo State Team

City to Surf Karratha 1st Overall

Race around Rottnest Triathlon 3rd Overall

Ironman Busselton 3rd in Age Group 44th Overall


City to Surf Karratha 1st

Ironman World Championships 7th Australian in Age Group, 66th in Age Group, 289th Male Overall

Ironman Busselton 6th in Age Group, 30th Overall

Town of Port Hedland Sportsperson of the Year


Sufferfest Albany 3rd Overall

Challenge Melbourne 2nd 30-34, 18th overall


What race destination would you love to go to?

Challenge Roth

Boston Marathon


What does a regular day look like for you?

Wake up between 4-4.30am for 10-15 minute gentle stretching or foam rolling.

90 minute session normally swim or bike before work

Work 8-9 hours

Afternoon session between up to 2 hours followed straight away with stretching

Cook dinner, listen to some music and normally in bed by 8.30 reading a book.


What keeps you motivated?

I stay motivated by knowing that the training I am doing is making me a more mentally and physically healthy person. I love knowing that I gave absolutely everything I could in training to make sure I’m the best I can be on race day.


What’s your favourite session?

At the moment it’s Strength Endurance on the bike. Followed very closely by long high aerobic function run intervals.


What’s your recovery routine?

Straight after every session, within 15 minutes or as close as possible I’ll have a smoothie with 30g of the Bindi Organic Pea Protein, Supergreens, soy milk, a banana and either frozen mango or a few ice cubes.

That will be followed by stretching and foam rolling.

I also try and get to the chiro once a month and a massage every two weeks.

Describe yourself in 5 words…

Driven, Ambitious, Social, Fun, Athletic

Why do you choose to represent Bindi and use our products?

Bindi is a young, forward thinking company that is aspiring to be the best in can be within the sporting industry. It is health and socially conscious (vegan friendly), fun and Australian. I think that sums me up in a nutshell. I believe in the products, they taste delicious and provide me with what I need as an athlete during training, racing and recovery.

Any other interesting facts about yourself?

I have represented NSW, VIC and WA at Waterpolo.

From 2007-2012 I lived and travelled throughout the US.

I collect vinyl records.

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