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Is your nutrition letting you down?

You can’t out train a poor diet. That may be hard to hear, but it is the truth – I know from personal experience! Nutrition is key. Look back over your last few races and think about your results. Did you perform well? Did you bonk? Did you go out hard then blow up in the last 30 minutes because you hadn’t taken on enough fuel?


Here at Bindi, we are passionate about helping our athletes achieve their goals, and we have seen so many of them fall over because of poor nutritional choices both in training and on race day. Proper nutrition is a critical component of triathlon training and racing, and timely, adequate fuelling is imperative. Race day is often the culmination of months of hard training sessions and commitment, but how much time and effort do you put into your nutrition strategy?


If you are feeling weak and lethargic throughout the day, or if your energy and pace start to decrease when you are training, or even worse – you are increasingly grumpy or “hangry” and cramping more often, you may be under-fuelled.


Speaking to a dietitian will put you on the right track, and we can definitely recommend one to suit you… but there are simple tips you can follow right now to ensure you are meeting the fuelling needs of a busy training schedule.


  1. Think! Our philosophy at Bindi is to eat clean – think a well-balanced whole food diet. Food is a natural source of the nutrients your body needs, so eat plenty of leafy greens, wholegrain carbohydrates, beans, lean protein, vegetables and fruits.


  1. Drink! Supplementing with our Supergreens powder can help you boost your nutrient intake but try to avoid bars, gels and meal replacements where you can which can be devoid of vital nutrients. 


  1. Think! Aim to structure your diet to meet the needs of your training schedule (say yes to carbs when you need them! They feed your muscles) without gaining weight.


  1. Drink! Dehydration plays a massive part in athlete performance and can hinder both training and racing. Use each training session to refine your rehydration processes to make sure they hit the mark on race day. Remember the first sign of dehydration is usually the sensation of being thirsty, and in many cases, that can be too late. A minimum of 740ml of fluid per hour is recommended and, depending on the climate and your event, you may need well above that. Bindi <<natural sports hydration>> has been created to keep you well hydrated and feeling great.


  1. Think! Plan ahead.  You know the old saying, if you fail to plan you plan to fail… couldn’t be more true when it comes to training nutrition. 


HOT TIP: your body often confuses thirst for hunger, which can lead to overeating. If you’re unsure, drink a glass of water before grabbing a snack to see if this helps curb your appetite ?


After a training session, try to consume quality food to restore your glycogen levels, but also to boost recovery.  The combination of protein and carbohydrates in recovery helps repair and rebuild your muscles so that you can prepare for the next big training session.


We love making nutritious smoothies with our recovery range, you should try one, they are delicious! (These don’t necessarily replace a meal, rather they are a quick way to get great nutrition on board during your busy day)


Keep your nutrition on track, and it will pay off. Try it and see!


Happy training!  


Belinda x