Amazing Taste… Incredible Results with natural sports gels

Vindurance Energy Gels are made from grapes. Not just any grapes but 100% Australian Premium Wine Grapes.

Containing natural sugars and minerals, the unique wine grapes enable Kick Gels to deliver 20g carbs per gel and are gentle on your tummy.

Kick Gels also contain sodium and potassium through the addition of Murray River Pink Salt, so you can replace all the electrolytes you need whilst racing or exercising.

Easy to digest, fast absorbing, with a fantastic natural taste, take one Vindurance Kick Gel every 30-45 minutes of racing or heavy exercise.

Wondering about the texture?  Our Vindurance Kick Gels are runny enough to consume without water. 

Trying to choose a flavour? Vindurance Kick Gel Red tastes so good with an exquisite blend of premium cabernet sauvignon grapes, Murray River pink salt, strawberries, pomegranates and lemons. Delicious!