Ryan Miller
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Ryan Miller

Ryan is a highly energetic and driven triathlete who successfully cracked the top 20 age groupers over the line in Kona 2017, with a smoking 9hr 12min race in very tough conditions .  This one-time footballer from Wagga Wagga gave the Noosa Triathlon a go and hasn’t looked back since, becoming completely hooked on Ironman.

What’s your favourite training session?

My favourite session would be a toss up from the long ride ( I love the mental side of being on a bike for 6 + hours in the fresh air ) or a hard track running session. There is nothing better then pushing yourself consistently at a physical level until you can’t go any further.

Any bucket list races? 

I would really love to do Challenge Roth if I can fit it into the race season one year.

What are your best race results? 

This year was my 3rd Kona World Championships, and I finished top 10 in my age group with a time of 9.12.  This put me in the top 20 age groupers overall.


What drives you to compete at top age group level?

I’m driven by the passion to better myself everyday, whether it be in triathlon, work or life in general. If I can see improvement it makes me chase harder. I’m consistently looking at ways to improve myself.


Who are your training crew?

Myself and a mate (Caleb Noble) started a group call the @LoneWolfSquad as we were always training solo as a lot of our races didn’t match up with the other squads.  We are getting more and more guys jump on the squad too. The Wagga crew has been great too.


What’s your favourite Ironman nutrition tip?

My favourite nutrition tip would be to mix all your gels into a drink bottle.  It saves you taping them to tri bars or the frame of your bike.  It’s easier for me to take them this way as well.

Why are you part of the Bindi crew?

I love the whole concept of Bindi and try to live the lifestyle the brand represents. We all can look for the easy, fast option in life and there is too many companies going down that way.

“Bindi stands alone with healthy, natural and Australian made products that taste amazing. It’s an Australian success story and I’m excited to be a part of the journey”