Anne Musk - Bindi Sales Manager
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Anne Musk – Bindi Sales Manager

Our Sales Manager – Anne – is an accomplished triathlete who also loves snowboarding and has spent many years working in the alternative sports (skate/snow/surf) industry.  She and her family are very sporty and healthy, and so she loves the opportunity to work within the lifestyle she lives every day.  She loves the Bindi products and the ethos behind the our natural, Australian brand, and finds that makes going to work every day easy.

What’s your greatest sporting achievement?

Completing the Ironman World Championships in Kona 2015. Definitely the toughest most rewarding sporting achievement for me.  The whole process of getting myself to a level to qualify and then manage to toe the start line, then obviously finish… and enjoy it!!  I feel lucky to have had that opportunity to experience Kona.  Swimming in a team to Rottnest 2015 (tough year) comes a close second!


Who do you train with/which clubs are you involved with?

I’m coached at Front Runners but am on a slightly different schedule to most of the athletes due to family commitments.  I’ll train with anyone that’s free during the day! or VERY early in the morning. I love swimming with the crew at Lunch for an Ironman.  We have been part of Stadium Triathlon Club since the beginning of our triathlon addiction.

What’s your favourite meal to cook/eat?

BBQ fish (white or salmon), roasted sweet potato with coconut oil and a massive colourful salad sprinkled with nuts and feta.  I’ll do the vegetables and Mike will BBQ the fish… perfect!

What’s your ideal recovery meal?

If I’m feeling really depleted after a massive session I’ll make up a protein banana oat shake straight away. Mike makes amazing omelettes with pretty much every thing you can find in the fridge piled in… olives, spinach, feta, smoked salmon, tomatoes – all in an omelette.  oh yeah… coffee…


And what are your goals for this triathlon season?

Have fun times with my family!

Listen to my coach… try to get stronger so I can get the best out of myself, without becoming injured… listen to coach!  Participating in races makes triathlon fun! it’s not fun being sidelined…


What personality and experience do you bring to Bindi?

I’m super excited to have the opportunity to work within the lifestyle I live.  The best thing being this is an awesome West Australian product. I’ve spent many years working in the alternative sports (skate/snow/surf) industry and I know how to have fun and when to get serious at work.  If you love the product you work with it makes going to work easy.