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Sports Nutrition Fructose


Did you know that 93% of Australians are not meeting the recommended 2 serves of fruit daily according to the CSIRO? That’s huge!
​But… fructose is sugar and sugar is bad right??
Well not exactly… let’s have a closer look into this.

Tip #1
​There is a difference between natural sugar and added sugar

Sugar in fruit is fructose, and it comes packaged up with nutrients and fibre, and without additives, colours, preservatives and other nasties.  So when you eat fruit you get energy from the fructose plus all the other goodies your body needs on a daily basis. Sugar added to foods is devoid of these nutrients and just gives you added calories.

Tip #2
​2 serves of fruit a day won’t make you fat

Whole fruit complete with fibre and nutrients won’t make you fat. Eating sugar in a chocolate bar which is processed, devoid of nutrients and fibre can make you fat.  It pays to understand this difference and make informed food choices.

Tip #3
Fructose in a sports drink makes you go faaaast

We often get asked ‘Why fructose?’
Let’s make this really clear: The combination of maltodextrin and fructose improves performance by 40-50% compared with using either of them alone. This is really huge!  Maltodextrin gives slow release energy and the fructose a quick hit, making an easy to absorb, effective combination.

Tip #4
Lots of sports drinks are just sucrose or dextose.

And nothing else. These drinks will have on average 30% more sugar than Bindi, and will be 40-50% less effective. There really is a difference in sports drinks and it will affect your performance.

Tip #5
Just eat real food

It’s simple, it’s not very sexy and it’s not the latest fad diet. Fruit and vegetables provide the basis for the perfect fuel for your body.

My personal favourites? Berries on muesli for breakfast, a banana for my mid-morning snack, and apple spread with peanut butter at about 4pm.  Yum!

Belinda x

PS Some of our customers are actually fructose intolerant, so they like to use our low calorie hydrator and add other carb sources such as gels or bars 🙂