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The best training day snacks

A lot of our talk about nutrition will focus on the big stuff.  The macros of protein, carbs and fat, or what makes the perfect post training breakfast.  But if you are on a decent training program and expending plenty of energy each day, there’s a good chance you will need snacks between your meals too.  Snacks can go either way… they can be where discretionary or treat foods start to sneak in, which adds calories without extra nutrients. Or, we can look at snacks as a chance to really amp up our nutrition and to get extra goodies in every day.  

So, with that in mind, here are some favourite snacks for you…ironman training snack food

1. Greek yoghurt: the perfect 4pm snack – a high protein greek yoghurt with fruit for energy or with nuts or even 2 tsp almond butter for healthy and filling fats. 

2. Hummus with veggie sticks:  this is a great savoury option which ups your veg intake for the day and includes some protein from the hummus.  Make it a daily habit.

3. Rice cakes with apple and peanut butter: another great carbs/protein/fat combination which is perfect to fill the afternoon flat spot, especially if you have an afternoon training session. If its a light day, skip the rice cakes and spread peanut butter straight on the apple slices.

4. Berry protein smoothie: a small glass of smoothie before an evening training session with give plenty of carbs without weighing you down.  Try banana, berries, protein and milk for a quick energy boost.

Happy snacking! 

Belinda x 

PS If you are looking for more healthy training nutrition, check out our Plant Powered Meal Plan with 28 days of fresh and flavoursome recipes to nourish and fuel you. Check it out here